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Relationship, Sex & Wellness Writer

Hi! I’m Candice. I started off my career at Cosmopolitan as an intern and eventually worked my way over to Elite Daily where I still work as their Senior Sex + Dating Writer. Outside of Elite Daily, I write about any and all of my favorite topics for any and all of my favorite publications.

While I’m open to writing about any topic under the sun, I typically write about the three topics that interest me most: Sex, Relationships, and Wellness.

No matter what I’m writing or what publication I’m writing it for, I hope that you come away from whatever I wrote feeling a little better than you did before you started the article.

Have a topic you’d like me to explore? Message me! Nothing is off limits.

Candice Jalili

Relationship, Sex & Wellness Writer. Relationship, Sex & Wellness Writer.

I write for: TIME, Cosmopolitan, The Cut, Tinder Swipe Life, Elite Daily, Girlboss, Man Repeller, Betches, Glamour, Teen Vogue & more.

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