There are plenty of restaurants right here that make you feel like you momentarily stepped outside of the hustle and bustle of New York City and into a beautiful restaurant along the Tuscan countryside. Or on the beach in Sardinia. Or on the Isle of Capri. Or in the heart of Rome. No matter what sort of Italian experience you’re craving, there’s an Italian restaurant in this city that will be able to give you the vibe your seeking. And not to mention mouthwatering food that tastes like it just came straight out of your Nonna’s kitchen.

From Palma’s beautiful rose-filled garden where you can enjoy the best gnocchi you’ll have in your entire life to Gemma’s dining room filled with beautiful wood accents and overflowing candles where you can treat yourself to a Nutella calzone that will leave you licking your plate for more, here’s a list of the best of the best NYC Italian restaurants.

These aren’t just the restaurants with the most aesthetic. They aren’t just the ones with the best food, either. No, these are the restaurants that have it all. The ones with the delicious food and the beautiful aesthetic to match. Think of them like the hot girl in your sorority who also happened to have a great personality.