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Relationship Red Flags That We Think Are Cute

When you really like someone, it’s easy to overlook their flaws. Honestly, I would go so far as to say it makes us even love their flaws.

Lots of times, this can be a good thing!

Like when he has funky eyebrows, but you don’t care because you think they’re adorable! Or like when you have morning breath that could literally kill a zombie (yes, the zombie would die again in this scenario), but he kisses you anyway because your disgusting morning breath is delicious to him!


Sometimes, though, the whole embracing their flaws thing can get taken a little too far. Like when you totally misread a blatantly red flag because you’re so wrapped up in your feelings for this new guy.

That’s where I come into play.

Let me help you by reading this list and preventing your mind from tricking you into thinking he is the best guy ever.

When he goes on about how his ex crushed him.

Why you think it’s cute: He’s so sensitive! He really knows how to love someone!

Why it’s a red flag: He’s not over her.


When he gets blackout wasted every time you go out.

Why you think it’s cute: He’s so fun! Everyone loves him! He’s the life of the party!

Why it’s a red flag: He might have a drinking problem.

When he takes hours (or days) to respond to your texts.

Why you think it’s cute: The chase! He gives me space! He always leaves me wanting more!

Why it’s a red flag: He doesn’t even care enough about you to respond to a dumb text message.


When he wants to spend every hour of every day with you.

Why you think it’s cute: He loooves hanging out with me! He just can’t get enough of me!

Why it’s a red flag: Where are his friends? Where is his family? Is he ditching everyone for you? Is he not OK by himself? That’s obsessive and unhealthy.

When he won’t take no for an answer… like ever.

Why you think it’s cute: He’s so persistent! He can’t keep his hands off me! We have such a magnetic attraction.

Why it’s a red flag: He doesn’t respect your boundaries.

When he gets really jealous of other guys in your life.

Why you think it’s cute: OMG, he’s so protective of me! He loves me and wants me all to himself!

Why it’s a red flag: He doesn’t trust you.

When he posts a pic of you guys on social media super early on.

Why you think it’s cute: He LOVES me and he wants the whole world to know it!

Why it’s a red flag: Odds are, it’s not the whole world he’s concerned about knowing it. I would bet good money that there’s a specific person he’s trying to make jealous with that photo.


When he’s constantly making fun of you.

Why you think it’s cute: We have such fun, flirty banter! He’s hilarious!

Why it’s a red flag: If all your conversations comprise of him putting you down in some way, odds are it’s not just harmless joking around. He doesn’t respect you and is, quite frankly, a condescending douche.

When he orders for you at the restaurant without asking what you want.

Why you think it’s cute: He’s so manly! Such an alpha! He knows how to take charge!

Why it’s a red flag: He doesn’t value your opinion. Like, at all.

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When all he talks about is work.

Why you think it’s cute: He’s so ambitious! And successful.

Why it’s a red flag: He has no other interests. Work is always going to come first for him.

When he ditches all of his friends to come hang with you.

Why you think it’s cute: He chose ME over them! He LOVES me! I’m his top priority!

Why it’s a red flag: He doesn’t value his friendships.